JAB7-63m Series Miniature Circuit Breaker
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  • Description of JAB7-63m Series Miniature Circuit Breaker:
  • Summary and use scope
    JAB7-63m Series Miniature Circuit Breaker (hereinafter referred to as breaker) is the company’s own research and development of new products. The products are reliable and accurate protection features, high breaking capacity, small size, is the latest product of the twenty-first century.
    Circuit breaker is mainly applied to AC 50HZ, rated voltage 230V/400V, rated current not exceeding 63A of the buildings and similar facilities in places of power lines and electrical equipment over-current protection can be used for non-frequent on-off operation.
    The circuit breaker in line with IEC60898, GB10963 "sites used for household and similar current protection circuit breakers" and other standards, product safety certification through the electrician.
    Model and its meaning

    The basic norms and main technical parameters
    1、Shell aircraft rated current level lmm:63A
    2、The rated voltage Ue:50Hz,230V/400V
    3、Rated current In:Type B,Type
    Type D:1,2,3,4,6,10,16,20,25,32,40,50,63A"
    4、Limit the abilities of short-circuit points rated:1cn=8000A 1000
    5、The rated operating circuit breaker:1cn=6000A 7500
    6、A number of:1P、1P+N、2P、3P、3P+N、4P
    7、Mechanical life20000/;
    8、Long-life electrical:8000/
    9、The instantaneous tripping device type and scope of current;
    Type B:3In-5In
    Type C:5In-10In
    Type D:10In-20In
    MorMore reliable structure design
    The high-precision small-scale circuit breaker as a bi-metallic material to protect components overheating delay to protect the characteristics of precision; operating agency for the four-bar linkage, operation of small power, release reliable, high sensitivity; instantaneous release solenoid sub-file fine. Core dynamic light weight, small inertia, fast response, high sensitivity. As a result of the structure within the Tibetan world, not stuck phenomenon. Greatly enhance the reliability of the machine; contact a move to regular size for the vertical beam-beam, an increase of stiffness to ensure the thermal conditions in closed contact, and dynamic contact small, small movement of inertia, contact points to ensure that the fractured moving velocity of the moving will help arc; large interrupter circuit breakers, arcing trajectory arc large circular piece of iron connected to a decrease of arc resistance movement to prevent stagnation of arc half-way , grilles and more films (13), arc rapidly cutting, cooling, off, I spray-arc multi-mesh grilles, and further cooling arc extinguished, the basic guarantee of zero arcing, very effective to prevent short circuit between the arc; arc chamber on both sides of the special protection of organic materials in the arc of a large amount of high temperature insulation of steam, they arc around the arc root pressure further increased, the issue of effective control of the electrode metal vapor jet of the direction of Professor insulation have also played a cooling gas The role of arc column arc to increase arc resistance, voltage improved rapidly extinguished arc to raise a strong protection. On both sides of insulating material is also effective in preventing the arc of the burning shell to ensure high insulation properties.
    The product at a high level of rated current (50A and above) of the products, cleverly set up to operate power switch on the threshold of the handle only when the operation reaches a certain value of force in order to allow close contact so that contact cl osure of a certain high-speed , the relative exclusion of the man-made factors on the speed of the impact of close contact, when connected to a reduction of wear of electric contact, increased life expectancy and reliability of circuit breakers. Cry all the characteristics of circuit breakers for Health and the performance of the combined effect of limited good flow characteristics.
    Arcing time is short, long life and reliable performance.
    The circuit breaker contact position with clear status indication.
    Because of its structural design is reasonable, the direction of power into the line can choose. The use of box-type terminals, both soft and hard wire connections can be secure. Connecting wire 1mm2-25mm2, the annex complete circuit breaker can be assisted with contact, alarm contact, sub-Mai release, as well as residual current operated protective device modules, such as, for the intelligent application of great convenience.
    TriTrip characteristics of over-current (63A and below)

    Trip characteristics curve

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